Seven Foods to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

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As a parent, you want the best for your kids. Your instinct to protect and care for your kids means you make sure they wear a seatbelt, wash their hands, and brush their teeth. You know that building good habits will benefit them for a lifetime. Especially when it comes to dental care, we are right there with you. Your dentists want the best for your kids. We know that with good habits they can have stable, strong teeth that will give them confidence and health throughout their lives.

Most people know that there are certain foods that should be avoided because of their harmfulness to teeth. But did you know there are foods that are good for teeth? When you encourage your kids to eat the right things, it can help keep their teeth resilient and attractive. These are a few that our pediatric dentists recommend for your kids’ dental needs:


A favorite among after-school snacks, these little dried fruits contain a high dose of phytochemicals. These are naturally-occurring chemicals that fight off harmful bacteria. Less bacterial growth in the mouth means less build-up of plaque and tartar.


Oranges have an extremely high Vitamin C content. Vitamin C plays an important role in the makeup of connective tissues, such as those found in the gums. Strong gums support the teeth and maintain strong bone structure. They also give a boost to the immune system, preventing illness that would disrupt your child’s dental routine.


Munching on crunchy foods is an excellent way to keep teeth strong. Bones maintain their density with resistance exercises. Chewing crunchy foods is a great way to help the tissue in the jaw stay dense and resilient, while the carrot fibers help clean the teeth. They are also high in vitamin C, which helps with the production of saliva. Adequate saliva plays an important role in the health of the gums as well as the teeth. Finally, they contain a good amount of phosphorus, one of the components of the bone tissue found in teeth.


Known as an excellent source of calcium, milk helps bones to grow strong. Calcium is also a necessary mineral in the growth and maintenance of teeth.


All kinds of fish comes with the benefit of a high vitamin D content. Vitamin D is crucial in the absorption of calcium. Without enough of it, the body can’t use the calcium. From tuna to salmon, fish offers many health benefits to your growing kids.


These tart little berries have polyphenols, a compound that discourages the build-up of plaque. Like the benefits of the phytochemicals found in raisins, polyphenols discourage the growth and build-up of harmful plaque.


Making sure your kids drink water helps in many different ways. Water rinses away sugars and bacteria. It is gentle and natural, and very accessible. Maintaining enough water in the body helps all body systems to function. This includes the salivary glands and the bone-forming cells which protect us from cavities. Free of sugars and added chemicals, water is an excellent choice as a go-to drink for your kids.

For more ideas on keeping your kids’ teeth strong and healthy, visit your pediatric dentist in murphy! We love our patients and love to help them learn and grow and form healthy dental habits that will last them a lifetime. As your kids’ dentist in murphy, we are committed to providing the quality care you expect your children to receive. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!