Orthodontics is an evolving science with frequent developments in technology and treatments. At Murphy Orthodontics, we ensure that our patients receive the most advanced orthodontic care available.
Dr. Amal is using the latest innovative techniques and materials, such as:

In-Ovation System Braces

BracesTraditional braces use elastics and ties. This puts pressure and friction on your teeth which slows down your treatment and causes discomfort in many patients.

Braces systemIn-Ovation system braces are different! With a special free-sliding technology, little to no pressure is placed on teeth as they are gently guided into place.  Self-ligating braces eliminate the need for “ties” and instead use a permanent moveable component that is installed to hold the wire in place.

Patient Advantages

  • Superb esthetics. That means your braces will look attractive enough for you to smile with confidence.
  • Less chair time during visits
  • Longer intervals between appointments meaning fewer visits
  • Efficient tooth movement for a shorter treatment time
  • Improved oral hygiene

In-Ovation Styles

In-Ovation R – This style has a lower profile and is much smaller when compared to other self-ligating brackets. These brackets don’t use any metal ties or elastic; this means less plaque build-up, less irritation, and easier oral hygiene.

In-Ovation C – These are translucent ceramic bracket that offers the side-benefit of high aesthetics, along with quick treatment times and comfort.

Paperless Office/Digital X-Ray

We feel our modern practice, paperless office and cutting-edge technology ensure you are receiving the high-quality orthodontic care you deserve.