What Sets Us Apart

Dental Care For Adult

– We are especially attentive to everyone’s individual needs and do our best to be helpful with insurance, flexible scheduling, flexible payment options, and any special needs that our families and patients have.

-We use the latest technology. Digital X-rays as well as other diagnostic treatments to make your diagnostic care more reliable. Self-ligating braces and Invisalign® options result in faster and more efficient treatment.

-We are part of a team that has clear strategies for interdisciplinary cases that require complex and imaginative treatments such as over-crowding, congenitally missing teeth, edentulous spaces from old extractions, periodontal problems, etc

-Although the focus of my practice is correcting abnormalities of teeth and jaw alignment, the oral hygiene of our patients while wearing braces is just as important to me. We are part of EMBRACE IT! – A program that helps our patients maintain good oral hygiene during treatment that will lead to a great success when their braces come off.

I hope this is a beginning of a wonderful friendship and amazing smile.

Orthodontist versus Dentist

• Both are doctors who specialize in oral care, and both are technically dentists.
• Orthodontists complete an additional two or three years of training in orthodontics, to provide tooth movement that maximizes a quality bite and esthetic result.
• All orthodontists are dentists, but only 10 percent of dentists are orthodontists.
• Dentists refer their patients to an orthodontist if they have problems with the alignment of their teeth or a bite abnormality of some kind. It’s like in the medical field you visit your primary care and if you have a specific problem he or she will refer you to a specialist.